Learn to Juggle in 4 Steps

Step 1 : Take only one ball in order to get used to the perfect throw.

Common error : the ball should make a nice curve from the inside to the outside of the body.
Step 2 : Now take 2 balls and learn how to throw the second ball correctly just before catching the first one. The balls should draw an “M” in the air.

Common errors :
i)  the first ball is not thrown enough to the outside of the body thus not leaving enough space for the first ball to be thrown.
ii) one of the balls is not thrown high enough.
iii) the hands are not kept down. So if you tend to raise your hands, then keep your elbows close to your body.
Step 3 : Practice the flash, that is to say throw 3 balls and stop. (you won’t have to run after all your balls all the time).
Then try to add throws but still try to have a clean finish. This way you will not “learn” to let your balls fall on the floor.
Step 4 (and final!) : Juggle 3 or go back to previous steps…

Common errors : all the balls fall on the floor.

All these steps must be practice by starting from BOTH hands.