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Juggling Equipment for contact juggling?

Juggling Equipment for contact Juggling is easy to find. Contact juggling is throwing balls so they roll across, around, and over your body.

Juggling balls need to be in contact with you. The best juggling equipment to use for is first start with balls for your juggling equipment and then advance to more difficult juggling equipment like pins.

What Juggling Equipment do I need?

The basic juggling equipment you will need is three juggling balls. Later on your juggling equipment will be pins, and other things.

But you can start with just juggling balls.

Juggling Equipment needed for five balls.

The best juggling equipment to use for this difficult technique is soft juggling balls. You can also use bean bags for your juggling equipment for this technique but juggling balls is more traditional.

Where can I buy juggling equipment?

There are several places to buy juggling equipment click on the links around our site to find the best deals.

Does juggling equipment need to be expensive to work?

No, but you get what you pay for. The more expensive juggling equipment will be designed to juggle with professionally, last a long time, and be well balanced.

Don’t use dangerous juggling equipment like heavy objects and the like.

Coming soon, history of juggling equipment, and juggling equipment reviews.

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